A memorial is a permanent tribute to your loved one representing a unique historical record of who they were as an individual and in their community.  Large or small, each memorial can tell a story that will precede time itself. 

When you are ready to select a headstone or grave marker, it is important that you follow the cemeteries rules and regulations.  Each cemetery has their own set of regulations for headstones.  It is important to ask the cemetery for their rules and regulations before ordering a headstone.  These rules pertain to the actual size, material and type of headstone allowed, such as granite or bronze material.  

Be sure to ask one of our friendly counselors to help you understand the cemetery rules and regulations.  We are always happy to work with the cemetery to ensure you purchase the right memorial for you and your family.

Once you know what type of headstone is allowed by the cemetery you are ready to choose a memorial.  


We can help you place an order from the comfort of home, or you can come into our showroom to see the granite colors and designs we have to offer. You are sure to find the best quality stone and the perfect design, to celebrate your loved one. 


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