We here at Arlington Memorials take great pride in every memorial we make.  We stand behind our workmanship and the quality of the stone we use.  We hereby guarantee to repair or replace free of charge any defective portions of a memorial that may crack due to climate or season.  Replacement will be made of comparable grade granite and be matched as close as possible to the original.  This warranty extends to the original purchaser and the purchaser’s heirs or assignees.

warrantyWe certify that the memorial is made of the finest quality monument grade stone, and that the stone does not contain hidden flaws that would make it susceptible to cracking or disintegration due to climate or season.  We also certify that no coloring, waterproofing on exposed surfaces or other injurious materials have been applied.

Stains from cemetery maintenance equipment, birds or chemicals applied to the stone after purchase may be very difficult to clean and are not covered under this warranty. 

We also recommend adding your monument to your home owners policy to cover damage that may occur to the monument by vandalism, cemetery equipment, or acts of God.